Notebook and Pen

L. E. Srofe

Fantasy Author

I have always been a storyteller at heart, but I hated reading and writing for much of my young life. At six, I was diagnosed with dyslexia, and unfortunately, back in the 90s, the solution was to read… a lot. It wasn’t until I fell in love with Interview With The Vampire at 16 that my passion for literature began. That newfound love of stories propelled me to become an author. I hope to inspire many more writers with my work.

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Becoming Wolf

First Three Chapters Free!!!

Freedom is an illusion, courage is not. As Adira prepares for her 22nd birthday, all she's worried about is scoring some cash and her first shift into wolf. When her father is abducted she must choose to run as he'd always taught her or seek help and expose herself to the Pack. Between a biker gang, a hidden hamlet, and a fairytale castle peril is rising. Deeper into Varulv society she uncovers the lies of her father, what role others have in store for her, and the true cost of independence.

Ends And Beginnings

Current Work In Progress

Author Amie Winston never intended to become a goddess.


You deserve stories that drag you through the fire and reward you with a crown.