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Pages Of Fate

Amie Winston has surrounded herself with her first love, stories. From running her grandparent’s Victorian home converted into a bookstore, Ends And Beginnings, to crafting NYT bestsellers, she’s dedicated her life to it. But despite the love affair, Amie has hit the dreaded writer’s block with her concluding novel in her most popular Word Binder series. After another morning staring at a blinking cursor and a daydreamed conversation with her characters, inspiration has finally struck. Her villain is going to trap a god. 
The words flow, that unique magic of the craft taking over her fingers and soul until Amie is sucked into the world she’s only lived so far in her imagination. Now as Goddess Fate, she has to navigate the story she thought she knew so well. A world where the language of the gods holds all the power. But as her characters begin to take on goals all their own, can Amie bring about the story’s end and return home before the demon-possessed king succeeds? What does fate and free will mean if her words weave universes into being? What of her own universe and will?


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Becoming Wolf

Freedom is an illusion; courage is not. As Adira prepares for her 22nd birthday, all she's worried about is scoring some cash and her first shift into a wolf. But, when her father is abducted, she must choose to run as he'd always taught her or seek help and expose herself to the Pack. Peril is rising between a biker gang, a hidden hamlet, and a fairytale castle. Deeper into Varulv's society, she uncovers her father's lies, what role others have in store for her, and the true cost of independence.

Book no.2
Book no.1
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